"Your leadership effectiveness is measured by your ability to deliver optimal results in a cost-effective way while keeping your team engaged, committed and happy."

Dr. Joan Lawrence-Ross, Founder Uncomon Resilience LLC


Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level?

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The best time to prioritize your leadership development is before your next promotion.


The achievement of leadership success can be learned. Stay committed to your growth journey.


Master how to get people to work well together, make smart decisions and deliver effective results.


We COACH, EDUCATE and INSPIRE individuals just like you on how to


1. be an effective leader,


2. have a successful corporate career and


3. be the person companies are quick to hire and committed to keep.


We help you uncover and achieve your full leadership potential.




We focus on your


Leadership Coaching

We use strategic thinking models in one-on-one and group sessions to assess and guide your leadership readiness to solve key business challenges

Leadership Education

We provide customized learning solutions to deepen your expertise and prepare you to achieve transformative results

Leadership Consulting

We use organizational scans, research-based insights, and analytical strengths to help you build effective strategy execution plans

Personal Success

Discover your hidden potential; take your leadership mastery to the next level; design a new career roadmap; re-position yourself for new opportunities and greater success.

Team Success

Whether your focus is at the department level or the executive suite, your ability to transform individuals or groups of managers into effective teams is critical to achieve business success.

Company Success

Master the art of balancing daily operational work while preparing for change and growth; make smarter leadership decisions; take strategic actions on decisions; deliver impactful business results.