Be the person successful companies are quick to hire and fight to keep.

"Leadership effectiveness is measured by your ability to deliver optimal results in a
cost-effective way while keeping the team engaged, committed, and well.
This is your leadership value proposition."  – Dr. Joan Lawrence-Ross


Are you ready to take your leadership success to the next level?



The best time to identify your skill gaps and improve them is before the next opportunity.


Leadership success is possible when you stay committed to your growth journey.


Obstacles can be defeated when you have the right knowledge, skills, mindset, and habits.


We are dedicated to helping you define, build and elevate your leadership brand.

At Uncomon Resilience, we are your partners in realizing your leadership aspirations. We offer growth solutions designed to empower you to become an exemplary and highly sought-after leader in today's dynamic business landscape. 

If you work in a CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT, here is how we help you:

  • Leadership Coaching and Educational Services: Our expert coaching and educational programs are meticulously crafted to refine your leadership skills. We are not just here to help you lead; we are here to help you lead with distinction.
  • Personal Growth for Professional Success: We believe that personal growth is the cornerstone of professional achievement. Through our tailored guidance, you will unlock your full potential, paving the way for success in your career.
  • Next-Level Success in Your Current Role: Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting, we have the tools and strategies to elevate your performance and accomplishments in your current position.
  • Mastering Key Skills: Our programs are designed to make you a true master of the craft. You will acquire the expertise needed to (1) collaborate effectively, (2) foster seamless teamwork, (3) make astute business decisions, (4) execute business strategies successfully, and (5) consistently deliver impactful results.
  • Executive Role Preparedness: We are your compass in the corporate world. Our guidance helps you gain clarity on the opportunities, challenges, and expectations that come with coveted executive positions.
  • Preparation for the C-Suite: Your journey to the C-Suite starts here. We will equip you with the skills and insight necessary to thrive in future executive and C-Suite roles.
  • Unlocking Leadership Potential, Simplified: We believe that leadership mastery need not be complicated. Our approach is straightforward, effective, and tailored to your unique needs. Our goal is to unleash your full potential without the complexity.

If you are a BUSINESS OWNER, here is how we help you:

  • Empowerment: Our leadership coaching programs equip you with the skills to develop resilience, make strategic decisions, adapt to change, navigate challenging situations, and lead your business to success.
  • Clarity: Through coaching, you gain a clearer vision for your company's goals, direction, and values.
  • Team Building: Leadership coaching helps you develop effective leadership styles that inspire, motivate, and build strong, cohesive teams. We show you how to cultivate effective leadership qualities such as communication, delegation, and conflict resolution, which are essential for leading your teams to success.
  • Growth: Leadership coaching fosters personal growth, allowing you to overcome limitations and reach your full potential. We equip you with the mental fortitude needed to navigate challenges and setbacks inherent in the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Accountability, Enhanced Productivity and Confidence: Working with a leadership coach provides a safe space for honest feedback and keeps you accountable for achieving your business objectives. We introduce you to time management techniques and productivity hacks that optimize your workflow and maximize your output, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness. Our focus is helping you to gain the confidence and self-belief necessary to lead your business with authority and vision.
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning: Leadership coaching equips you with strategic thinking skills to navigate complex challenges and make informed decisions. Our leadership coaching programs facilitate the development of long-term strategic plans, helping you to set clear goals, define actionable strategies, and stay focused on achieving sustainable business growth.
  • Improved Communication: We help you to hone your communication skills, foster better relationships with employees, clients, investors, and other stakeholders, which ultimately enhances business performance.

At Uncomon Resilience, we are not just transforming careers; we are shaping legacies. Partner with us on your path to becoming an extraordinary leader.

Client Feedback


“I was one of those individuals who did not want to work with an executive coach. I am so happy that Joan did not give up on me. The coaching sessions helped me to gain clarity on goals and objectives and gave me a structured approach to creating realistic, actionable, and measurable plans. I am a stronger leader as a result of coaching.” (Dawn T.)


“I can honestly say that coaching has helped me have better working relationships with my staff, peers, the executive management team, and customers. Since starting the coaching journey my communication skills have improved significantly, I am closing more deals, and have less tension in my conversations.” (Anca G.)


“The coaching sessions helped me learn how to create a work environment that encourages open communication between myself and the team members. My team meetings are more productive. We have transparent and candid conversations and debates without personal attacks and offensive language. Respect among team members have been restored.” (Derrick J.)


“I was the person people did not feel comfortable to approach. I was the leader who lost patience with team members who did not think, act, or speak like me. I was the leader people were quick to leave to work for someone else. After working with Joan, I am now the person, who people are eager to work, partner and do business with.” (Vidya S.)

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